Early Childhood Education

Advocates for Early Childhood Education

CAPS advocates for a rich, high-quality learning environment for all young children.

Research has consistently confirmed that educational programs for kindergarten through third grade have common elements that lead to success. They are: 

  1. Certified teachers with professional development opportunities in early education
  2. Rich learning environments with developmentally appropriate curriculum

For additional resources on this topic, visit this resource from the National Association for the Education of Young Children

Additionally, CAPS values the role of playful learning in our public schools and communities. 

Future education policies need to recognize the value of a continuum of education from birth through adulthood. We support early childhood programs implemented by qualified teachers and dedicated support staff in a classroom environment conducive to learning.

The Importance of Full-Day Kindergarten

CAPS supports fully funded, full-day kindergarten for all children in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Is your district one of the 428 (out of 500) in Pennsylvania that provide full-day Kindergarten for students? If not, contact your local school board for information on how to form a committee to explore providing this important opportunity for our youngest learners.

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