#TeacherTuesday: Robert Slagle

On this very important election day, we’re delighted to feature Robert Slagle of the Colonial Education Association who teaches AP U.S. Government and Politics and AP Economics at Plymouth-Whitemarsh High School.

Says Bob, “The overarching question for the government class is… What is the role of government? This question remains there, written on the board, for my students to contemplate. It is for them to decide.” And he continues, “They examine the historical foundations of our United States system of government and the issues as well as the political behaviors of the most recent 90 years, and they critically analyze the information, also evaluating source material.”

Bob adds, “Students learn about the voter registration process as well as the importance of voting.” He further states, “I am inspired by the knowledge that my students are utilizing what they have learned, and that they are making a positive difference.”

Tell us who else is galvanizing their students through their lessons and life, and we’ll feature that educator in an upcoming #TeacherTuesday.