PSEA/MER Collection – “Touch the Future” Art Show

The Mideastern Region of the Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA/MER) and the Council for the Advancement of Public Schools (CAPS) proudly sponsor the annual “Touch the Future” juried art exhibition, an exhibition that features select works of art from across 24 local high schools in Pennsylvania.

Each year, the PSEA Mideastern Region purchases pieces from these shows to hang and display in their headquarters. The work featured in this collection is diverse and expansive, now spanning over decades of shows.

The beauty in a collection this diverse in method and in meaning is that it shows the importance and impact art funding and art education has within the school system and beyond. Art provides a platform for students to freely express themselves; they are uninhibited and create powerful pieces that not only bring to light important conversations of race, community, and culture, but also actively exhibit how the students of today interpret the ever-changing world around them. Our youth is our future, and educators play a vital role in shaping who they become as people.