#TeacherTuesday: Al Doman

We are very proud of today’s #TeacherTuesday, Al Doman, an Electronics/Green Energy Technologies teacher at Bucks County Technical High School in Fairless Hills. He was recently awarded a $20,000 grant from the Dow Chemical Company for The Learning Center for Sustainable Energy project he created with his students. The grant’s focus was on STEM initiatives that create a pipeline for tomorrow’s workforce while benefiting the local community.

Al spent most of his summer working with a small group of students to erect a 60-foot wind turbine at the school which was originally conceptualized by his 2015 Senior Class. He is proud of the multifaceted nature of the project and says, “First, it’s a place where our students can learn how to install alternative energy systems. It’s a place our science teachers can go to for outdoor classroom activities involving our environment. It’s a place that our community can come to for information on energy systems for their own home.” Currently, the awning-mounted solar panels offset all the energy used in his classroom, with the last phase of the project planned to add kiosks, pathways, and a geothermal system.

Let us know what other teachers share their practical skills, bringing STEM projects to life for their students while helping their communities.