#TeacherTuesday: Alexandra Schuh

Alexandra Schuh is an extraordinary William Tennent High School social studies educator who teaches her AP Psychology students with the help of the rats she houses in her classroom. This week’s #TeacherTuesday, from Centennial School District PA, was also featured today on FOX 29 Good Day Philadelphia for her ability to bring authentic research projects into the classroom.

Alex and her colleague, Joseph O’Connor, started the animal research lab to help students learn about the ethical treatment of animals, experimental research and design, and the principles of reinforcement and learning.

She is inspired by her students daily and says, “My students ask great questions or find new research or topics that connect to our course.” She adds, “Teenagers can get a bad reputation, but I find them to be pretty funny. I feel lucky to be in a profession where I get to have fun and laugh every day” and she is happy to “influence others in a positive way.”

Tell us who else goes above and beyond to ensure their students have the best possible education and we’ll highlight them in an upcoming #TeacherTuesday.