#TeacherTuesday: Dr. Alexis Schoen Sandberg

This week’s inspiring #TeacherTuesday is Dr. Alexis (Schoen) Sandberg, an elementary school counselor at Rolling Hills and Hillcrest Elementary schools in Council Rock School District. Originally an English Language teacher, her experience working with students who experienced difficulties with school and making friends led her to the realization that she “wanted to become a school counselor to help students navigate these challenges.”

Alexis’ decision has been reinforced by former students who return to share their view of her impact on their lives, including one who “was inspired to become a counselor because of the support I showed him during a tough time period,” and another “who was in tears telling me about how much our time together meant to her.”

This thoughtful counselor adds, “What makes public education great is the ability to support all students, not just students who fit a particular economic, religious, or intellectual mold.”