#TeacherTuesday: Shawn Miscioscia

On this #TeacherTuesday that’s part of American Education Week, we’re proud to feature Shawn Miscioscia, a seventh-grade science and social studies co-teacher in the Upper Merion Area Middle School and a member of the Upper Merion Education Association. As a special ed teacher, “I share the responsibilities of teaching, planning, adapting and modifying lessons, and tracking of student achievement with a general education teacher in our classroom every day.”

Says Shawn, “My favorite part of being a teacher, especially in the district that I graduated from, is having the opportunity to give back to a community that gave me so much growing up. Each and every day I have the chance to change a student’s life; whether it is academically, socially, or emotionally.”

He believes that every public school provides opportunities for all students, regardless of whether they have disabilities, to be successful in meeting age and grade level curriculum” and loves the fact that students in public school have the chance “to become culturally aware of the diverse communities in which we live and work in every day.”

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