#TeacherTuesday: Andrea Raynor

Andrea Raynor, music teacher extraordinaire at Barclay and Titus Elementary Schools in Central Bucks School District, feels lucky to touch the lives of over 800 students weekly. But one could argue that it’s the students of this week’s #TeacherTuesday who are fortunate to have Andrea as their teacher as she introduces them to experiences that promote a life-long love of music and an appreciation for various musical styles.

“The feeling I get when I see my students fall in love with a piece of music, hear the beautiful sound of their voices harmonizing for the first time, receive a standing ovation, or simply know they were part of something bigger than themselves…it’s indescribable. That feeling is what keeps me coming back each day, knowing that I have the responsibility, and gift, of teaching my students a love of music that will last a lifetime.”

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