#TeacherTuesday: Ashley Lere

Ashley Lere, first grade teacher at the Paul W. Kutz elementary school in Central Bucks School District is the focus of this week’s ‪#‎TeacherTuesday‬.

Her desire to become a teacher was fueled at an early age when her fourth grade teacher passed along an old manual she no longer needed. Ashley used it in the “school” she had set up in her bedroom and loved knowing all the answers. While she now recognizes that teachers don’t actually have all the answers, she knows they make a difference every day.

“It is truly amazing to work with a young child in September who is just mastering their letter sounds and then again in June when they can pick up a book with confidence and read it aloud,” she says. “The academics of first grade have changed tremendously over the past few years and it requires a great deal of commitment and dedication from both teachers and parents to shape our young learners into confident readers.”