#TeacherTuesday: Brian Blair

We’re giving a shout-out to Brian Blair who is our #TeacherTuesday this week. A teacher of ninth grade Modern American History and department coordinator in Central Bucks School District’s Tamanend Middle School, Brian has a passion for #history. Beyond that, he has a passion for making a difference in the lives of his students. “There is a real human element to what we do that is constantly changing,” he says. “As an educator you get to continually redefine what you do and who you are.”

Brian first thought about entering the profession while in a high school class. While he loved stories of the past, he felt there was a better way to tell those stories. In his thoughtful critiques, he was “actually creating ways to teach.”

“I hope my students get compassion, understanding, and knowledge from my class,” he notes. “They may not remember the main causes of World War I, but I hope they remember that I was a fair person, who treated them with care and respect. If in that process they gain an understanding of us as a people or a nation, then I have been successful on multiple levels.”

We know this special #educator has reached and moved so many students with his thoughtful approach to learning and life.