#TeacherTuesday: Brian Conrey

Brian Conrey, a sixth-grade teacher at Mill Creek Elementary in Bristol Township School District, thrilled and delighted his students while teaching them practical applications of STEM by bringing his drag racing car to school! An excellent teacher by day, he races competitively during his off-time. All the students at the school had the chance to watch the recent demonstration and learn how math, speed, and engineering merge together in drag racing.

Inspired by his own middle and high school teachers, Brian pursued a career as an educator so he could pass along their positive impact. He loves the all-inclusiveness of public education, and its commitment to professional development. Says Brian, “I also provide my students with a sense of realism that is hard for them to find elsewhere. By growing up in the same area and going to the same schools where they are enrolled, it enables me to have a strong sense of credibility and a platform for me to build bonds with my students.”

He adds, “I truly love the art of teaching, and my students are what provides me with the most inspiration.”