#TeacherTuesday: Brian Novick

We’re delighted to feature tech guru and math department teacher, Brian Novick of Holicong Middle School in the Central Bucks School District as this week’s #TeacherTuesday.

Says Brian, “Simply stated – it is a fun time to teach and learn! Technology has transformed the look and feel of the classroom. An interactive whiteboard replacing a chalkboard and overhead projector is only the tip of the iceberg. A document camera makes it easy to project student work. Online tools, like Plickers, Kahoot, and Go Formative, add another dimension to the classroom.”

He adds, “Office 365 and student e-mail foster communication among students and between staff and students. These tools give teachers accurate, real time data about students’ understanding. With this information, teachers can plan more relevant lessons and make appropriate adjustments during class. The juxtaposition of conventional teaching methods and cutting edge technology creates an environment full of excitement and conducive to learning.”