#TeacherTuesday: Conor Corey

Conor Corey, an Instructional Support Team/Math Specialist at Willow Dale Elementary School in Centennial School District PA knows there is no blueprint for ensuring success with all his students. But for him, the key is to wake up each day with a “passion attempting to connect with all of them in order to open up the world.” He also values “the ability to laugh each day” and we’re guessing that’swhy his students love to spend time with him.

For Corey, the reward is “the small, hidden smile from the child who finally understands” or “the quiet kid who raises her hand when she isn’t sure if she is correct.” He notes, “Good or bad, we are teachers and our effect cannot be measured or perfected. The first day a teacher thinks they have the blueprint for success is probably the last day they are truly effective.”