#TeacherTuesday: Donna Grabner

Donna Grabner, a third-grade teacher at Oak Park Elementary in North Penn School District, ensures that “all students live up to their potential and she also reassures her students about how amazing they are,” says a career study student whom she mentored.

The student teacher also remarked, “Mrs. Grabner always has a smile on her face and teaches with such energy that it’s amazing to watch the kids’ faces light up.”

It’s clear the enthusiasm Donna shares comes from her deep love of teaching. She says, “I have always wanted to be a teacher. From the time I was little playing school with the neighborhood kids, I knew it was what I needed to be. Over 30 years later, I know it is still the right choice for me.” And she adds, “If I had the opportunity to start my career over again I would pick teaching, even knowing all the changes that have occurred over the years in the classroom.”