#TeacherTuesday: Ken Ehrmann

This week’s energetic #TeacherTuesday, Ken Ehrmann, believes passionately in students creating their own personalized learning. He’s a fifth-grade teacher at M.M. Seylar Elementary School, a member of the Pennridge Education Association, and was recently named as one of only 12 finalists for the 2019 Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year. As if that’s not enough, Ken was nominated by all 30 pupils and their parents in his 2017 homeroom on the last day of class! His goal is “to empower students to feel enthusiastic to come to school and learn. They should feel safe and respected by their peers.”


Beyond that, Ken “designs instruction to provide support when they need it, challenges they can rise to, and innovative ways of learning.” Additionally, his lucky students have time provided for “open-ended projects to research and create anything they desire.” Ken says, “My only expectation is they come to school ready to work hard and maintain an extremely high-level of work ethic.”

Tell us who else is a powerhouse and we’ll feature that educator in an upcoming #TeacherTuesday.