#TeacherTuesday: Melissa Elison

“Education is the answer to so many of the world’s problems. I wanted to be part of the solution,” says today’s #TeacherTuesday, Melissa Elison. She teaches seventh grade Language Arts at Upper Merion Area Middle School and is a member of the Upper Merion Education Association.

She believes that “Public schools are at the forefront of exciting, innovative initiatives focused on the education of every child. Differentiated instruction can help all students be successful.” Andshe adds, “The most valuable part of a public school education is the appreciation of diversity and equality, so important in a democratic society.”

Melissa firmly believes that “Public school teachers do not just teach language arts, math, or science. We also teach how to be a productive and caring member of society.”

See the TV spot about Melissa on FOX 29 and let us know about other phenomenal teachers who could be featured in the TV ads too!