#TeacherTuesday: Janey Kozlowski

Today’s #TeacherTuesday post features Janey Kozlowski, an eighth-grade learning support teacher at Arcola Intermediate School in the Methacton School District. Says Janey, who grew up and went to school in the district where she now teaches, “My motivations for pursuing a career in a public school were greatly influenced by the fact that I was brought up going to public schools — I had an extremely positive experience that I wanted to recreate for my students.”

Janey continues, “I also like the sense of community found in public schools. I strongly believe that it’s difficult to reach students unless you can extend into their community and begin to understand their day-to-day culture. A public school setting makes that connection more transparent for me.”

A multi-talented teacher, she is also a coach for the Methacton High School softball team and co-authors a column, “Science for All,” with a fellow Arcola colleague for Science Scope magazine. She says she is always amazed by the transformation her students show throughout the year.