#TeacherTuesday: Janine Gugger

This week, we’re pleased to feature Janine Gugger, anatomy and biology teacher at Bucks County Technical High School. She believes that #PublicEducation is great because of the diversity of the students. Says this dedicated educator, “I love that I teach every race, religion, ethnicity, academic level, and socioeconomic level. We all come together to learn the material and we have a common goal. We get through it together and we learn from each other.”
Janine makes anatomy authentic by giving students the opportunity to study structures and organs. But more importantly, she says, “I hope I make them better students and people in the world and they make me a better person/teacher.”

There was “not just one defining moment” when Janine realized she made the right decision to become a teacher. She adds, “I love when I see a student struggle with content and we work together to understand it. Then, they end up getting the highest grade on a test because I know they worked so hard.”