#TeacherTuesday: Leanne Jarossy

The teachers of Bucks and Montgomery counties have done it again! Three of them are among 12 finalists for 2020′s Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year. We’re happy to bring them to you as our #TeacherTuesdays over the next three weeks.

Leanne Jarossy, a math educator at Central Bucks High School West, and a member of the Central Bucks Education Association, has learned that in addition to teaching numbers, she also has the opportunity to impart critical skills such as communications and perseverance. Her principal, Tim Donovan, noted that she is kind, collaborative, and focuses on every student and their individual needs.

Leanne found her life’s work through two important experiences. She explained, “First, my sixth-grade teacher, Mrs. Perry, was so passionate and kind – I wanted to be just like her when I grew up.” And she added, “Second, my older sister, Karla was always two years ahead of me in math. She would often show me the new things from her class, which led to an interest in learning higher level math. I put the two together and found my career!

Tell us what other teachers light up their students’ worlds and we’ll feature them in a future #TeacherTuesday.