#TeacherTuesday: Kaitlyn McGlynn

We’re happy to feature Kaitlyn McGlynn as this week’s #TeacherTuesday. This dynamo is a seventh-grade learning support teacher and certified reading specialist at the Arcola Intermediate School in Methacton School District. She’s been developing lesson plans and teaching since late elementary school when her mother, a Norristown District first grade educator, took her to school on a day off.

Kaitlyn teaches an intensive reading program, co-teaches pre-algebra, and supports students in science, social studies, health, and expressive arts as well as providing overall assistance with homework and test prep.

“Every day is an adventure because each student has different needs,” says Kaitlyn. “Building a connection and communicating the lesson effectively is what special educators focus on doing. It’s our job to help students grow and learn, no matter what their life situation. And while we’re thrilled every time they show improvements on assessments, these students are so much more than a test score, and I work to make sure they know that.”

Kaitlyn also coaches the Methacton High School girls’ basketball team and shares her impressive talents by writing a monthly column called ‘Science for All’ for Science Scope Magazine. “My ultimate goal is to build my student’s independence and self-advocacy skills so that they can be successful life-long learners — that’s why I chose to be an educator.”