#TeacherTuesday: Kevin J. Deissler

A huge shout-out to this week’s #TeacherTuesday, Kevin J. Deissler, Technology Integration Teacher & Specialist at Hallowell Elementary Schools in the Hatboro-Horsham School District. He spent time over the winter break building a unique computer interface so a student with some physical and mental challenges could finally use classroom technology. Check out his imaginative solution!

Kevin is in his fourth-year teaching tech in the district and says “Not only do my students make every day interesting, but give them an opportunity to demonstrate what they can do and they will deliver.” He adds, “Nothing beats their looks when they have successfully created a stop-motion movie, or you hand them the 3D printed object they designed, or their robot does exactly what they wanted it to do after many trials and failures. It motivates me, and leads me to try and find even more ways for technologies to be embedded into their everyday curriculum so that every student can find success.”

Way to go, Kevin! In the photo below, he’s helping students create a stop-motion movie about immigration. Talk about integrating learning!