#TeacherTuesday: Matt Peitzman

Matt Peitzman is a perfect example of public education at its best!

This week’s #TeacherTuesday, is a Pennridge grad who now teaches tech education for the 21st century at his old high school, and has the opportunity to work with three of the tech ed teachers who inspired him. His department was recently named the top tech ed program in the state when they received the Program of Excellence award from the Technology Education and Engineering Association of Pennsylvania.

A passionate believer in public schools and the many opportunities they provide, he loves teaching an elective and the fact that they offer students a chance to “express themselves and gain confidence where otherwise they may not have the opportunity.”

The school’s guitar building course is unique in the Bucks/Mont area and Matt says, “I love that any student at Pennridge High School can take our tech ed courses and specifically the guitar building course we’ve developed. Building an electric guitar involves physics, chemistry and math and we “are very proud of how well the class has turned out and continues to evolve,” he adds. Matt says the entire department is “awesome,” and that guitar building is just one example.