#TeacherTuesday: Meg Griffin

This week’s #TeacherTuesday features Meg Griffin, an inspiring fourth grade teacher at Cold Spring Elementary School in the Central Bucks School District. “Our students are the center of everything we do, regardless of age, grade or gender,” she says. “To be effective, we must form positive relationships –these ignite the true magic of being a teacher. Yes, I teach children how to add, read, and learn the names of fifty states. But, what they teach me is so much more,” adds Meg.

“They have taught me patience — over and over again. They have taught me to be flexible and to be structured. Every day is a lesson. Some days I do well, and others not so much. But, just like our students we keep trying and working, hoping in the end to become better — better at math, better at reading, better at life. Thank you students; you are amazing teachers!”

And thank you, Meg, for your openness and the magic you sprinkle!