#TeacherTuesday: Jules Mermelstein

This week’s #TeacherTuesday is Jules Mermelstein, a retired high school History and Government Teacher from Upper Dublin Education Association who currently serves as Vice President of PSEA-Retired Montco.

When Jules was teaching Government and US History, his experience and knowledge as a former criminal defense attorney and volunteer attorney with the ACLU really came in handy when he taught the US Constitution, in general, and the Bill of Rights in particular.

“Not only was I able to teach the content but how those rights protected all of us in practice, with short blurbs of my experiences,” says Jules. In addition, he served as a local elected official, township commissioner, for 19 years. That experience especially helped in teaching the differences between local, state, and federal government responsibilities and abilities to act on certain issues.

When Jules left teaching due to a disability, he started writing more and more. He writes the book reviews for Sidebar, the quarterly for the Montgomery Bar Association, and his first (hopefully in a series) novel will be published in early 2020. It is titled Justice, Justice Shall You Pursue and it is about an attorney who pursues justice, both inside or outside the law.
Congratulations on your book, Jules, and congratulations for your service to PSEA-Retired!