#TeacherTuesday: Micheal Stettner

You might think that after many years of teaching, a new school year might feel routine. But that’s not the case for Michael Stettner, this week’s #TeacherTuesday, who is glad he still feels an “eagerness to dig in to the new year,” even after 28 years of teaching. He works with every level of student within each class to bring science concepts to life.

“As summer break ends each year I think of new ways to have my seniors appreciate and understand the natural sciences AND to apply that knowledge to their decision-making as young adults,” says the 12th grade AP #EnvironmentalScience teacher at Lower Merion High School who also instructs such favorite electives as #astronomy, #geology, #oceanography, and #meteorology. Mike’s wit and humor delight and engage students, and everyone will tell you he’s a really smart and funny guy who connects with everyone on a personal level.