#TeacherTuesday: Nancy Craig

We’re delighted to feature Nancy Craig, North Penn High School’s AP European History and Psychology instructor extraordinaire, as this week’s #TeacherTuesday.

She was inspired to follow in the footsteps of her AP European History teacher who helped her develop a love of the subject. And Nancy learned early on in her student teaching that she enjoyed creating interesting lessons to teach to middle and high school students. “The challenge of every student, and class each day was invigorating and exciting. I feel that same excitement walking into my classroom as much today as I did when I started teaching,” she says.

She believes that “diversity and opportunity make public education great! Just as every student has special talents waiting for the opportunity to develop; each teacher has his/her own special skills to enlighten, and to encourage the next generation.” Her enthusiasm for her profession extends well beyond the classroom. In addition to her regular responsibilities, Nancy also coaches the North Penn Academic Decathlon Team, taking them to the PAAD State competition where they placed second in the state last year.