#TeacherTuesday: Jacqui Owens

We’re delighted to feature Jacqui Owens this week, a member of the Bensalem Education Association and one of only two school social workers in the district serving nine schools. Jacqui “works primarily with families that are struggling with something – homelessness, attendance issues, mental health, drug and alcohol abuse, criminal charges, domestic violence, loss of a friend or family member,” and more, said her nominator.


She added, “Jacqui is a relentless advocate for students and families. She takes to heart those who do not have adequate food, shelter and utilities.” She worries about students who haven’t been attending school and is often on the road for a home visit, a truancy court date, or obtaining needed food, supplies, clothing and personal items for families in need.

She also works with outside agencies to help establish services for students and families, as well as the @Bensalem Police department and school resource officers to ensure the safety of students and families. “Her professionalism and resourcefulness are astounding,” says her nominator, and she’s an unsung hero to her family and friends on so many levels.

Research indicates that mindfulness can be beneficial to students’ emotional and physical well-being as well as their ability to focus and learn. This extraordinary school social worker will use the grant she’ll receive to expand the work already begun with the community coalition, Building a Better Bensalem Together, so that all students in the district can benefit. The additional funding will allow her to expand the library of mindfulness materials she’s acquiring for every building. She’ll be able to purchase mindfulness workbooks, elementary school story books and meditation materials such as CDs, guided meditations and calming resources like stress balls and brain break activities. Teachers are able to easily access these materials and incorporate them into their routines and lessons.

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