#TeacherTuesday: Philip Detwiler

This week’s #TeacherTuesday, Philip Detwiler, of Upper Perkiomen Middle School, helps bring American History 1 alive for his eighth graders. His infectious enthusiasm is evident as he talks not only about how much he loves his students, but his colleagues too.

Says Phil, “I absolutely love teaching this age group of students because of their ability to think and write critically. Yet, my students still retain the fun-loving hearts of children, whom still enjoy classroom competitions, activities, and even the occasional corny joke.”

Phil also gives kudos to his colleagues when he says, “I also have the pleasure of working with an amazing group of people who come to work early and stay late every day to make their classrooms that much better for our students. He adds, “The professionals in this district, both in and out of the classroom, nurture excellence through their ability to work collectively with each other and the students they stand in front of every day.”

Let us know who else is a key figure in your school’s community and we’ll feature that educator in an upcoming #TeacherTuesday.