#TeacherTuesday: Rick Smith

There are not that many people who can not only teach students how to play the guitar but how to build one too! Rick Smith, this week’s #TeacherTuesday, does just that, putting the magic in the music and the arts in #STEAM as he teaches guitar students at Upper Dublin High School how to build their own instruments.

The recipient of a grant to attend a unique non-profit program at Stem Guitars, he learned “hands-on, applied learning techniques to help engage students and spark excitement for learning STEM subject matter.”

Rick’s students benefit from his experience composing, recording, performing, and teaching. He has performed the National Anthem on electric guitar for the 76ers in front of 18,000 people as well as in most major venues in and around the tristate area.

Says Rick, “I have had to work with good and bad record deals dealing with publishing and copyright. Lately, I have been working with guitar builders and companies to better understand and be more efficient while building guitars with our STEM (STEAM) guitar building program.”

What a fantastic opportunity for students to learn from a professional musician while enhancing their interest in the areas of science, technology, engineering, arts and math!