#TeacherTuesday: RJ Farina

A colleague and mom describes RJ Farina, this week’s #TeacherTuesday, as “awesome.” He’s “motivating, humorous and encouraging, and finds the best in each student!” This Fort Washington Elementary School teacher in Upper Dublin names a “champion of the day,” providing a huge wrestling belt for the child’s desk. Beyond that, he offers feedback about what helped them to earn the belt, further reinforcing their positive behaviors and skills.

Now in his twelfth year as a #Kindergarten teacher, RJ says, “I am inspired by my children because I know that they look up to me as a role model and as a leader, and I do not want to let them down. Whether it is something academic, social, or just something that makes them laugh, I try to make their Kindergarten experience the best it can possibly be.” He adds, “I know that I am setting the foundation for their school lives and that is something that drives and inspires me every day!”