#TeacherTuesday: Sabrina Scott

Sabrina Scott is this week’s inspiring #TeacherTuesday. A fourth grade Language Arts educator at Knapp Elementary in North Penn School District, she is a ray of sunshine, instilling a positive attitude and “a myriad of vocabulary words that spans grade levels and builds upon linguistics.” She says of her students, “They… never leave without a passion (or at least a beginning of a passion) to write creatively.”

Her early experience teaching in West Kensington has stuck with Sabrina. “Despite big class sizes, almost 100 percent poverty, incredible transience and a challenging environment, these sweet and loving students came to school every day ready to take on the world. Their eagerness to learn inspired me to be the best teacher I could be.”

She calls public education “truly remarkable” and notes, “Where can you find young minds being guided to their calling in life by instilling the seeds of a love of learning, a stronghold in resilience and a path to joy.”