#TeacherTuesday: Scott Landis

Scott Landis, a Wissahickon Middle School science teacher, is this week’s #TeacherTuesday extraordinaire. He was inspired to become an educator by his experience with several Wissahickon High School teachers who were “fantastic educators and great role models.” He loves public education because it is “the true melting pot of the diversity of students within our community.”

The “WOW factor” is what lets Scott know that his decision to become a teacher was the right one. “When teaching a concept and then supporting that concept in a demonstration or student activity, I hear the students say ‘WOW,’ when they experience the learning.”

What provides Scott with inspiration? “Every day is a new journey down the path of education. If the students demonstrated difficulty grasping a concept, a need to find a new path to teach the lesson is an educational challenge.”