#TeacherTuesday: Chris Sterman

Chris Sterman, Bensalem Township Education Association member, and this week’s #TeacherTuesday, finds the cultural mix at Bensalem High School “fascinating.” A chemistry and physics teacher, he loves that the district “provides its students with exposure to the world.”

He notes, “Just yesterday, I got to discuss the first-place finish of our Robotics Team with young men and women born and raised in Bensalem, and talk with the Azerbaijani, Pakistani, Indian and Chinese students about how they modeled the spread of nicotine use through the U.S. in the M3 Mathworks Challenge Competition last weekend.” He also coaches the tennis team that he calls “a veritable “United Nations of Athletes.”

And Chris adds, “Where else will you find a vibrant community of young people from over two dozen countries all hanging out together? We are both blessed and challenged with an amazing level of diversity here.”
Chris is one more example of what makes public education so great!

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