#TeacherTuesday: Marquise Stokes

We’re delighted to feature Marquise Stokes, a sixth-grade social studies teacher at Pennridge North Middle School and a member of the Pennridge Education Association, as this week’s #TeacherTuesday. He also coaches wrestling and is the head football coach at the school.

Marquise loves having the opportunity to “impact lives on a daily basis without even being aware of it.” He says, “As a teacher, we have the power and privilege to impact students and guide them through their educational journeys.” And he loves to be “one, small stepping-stone along their path,” calling it “an amazing feeling to have.” He adds, “When they return and tell me all of the great things they are accomplishing and their goals for the future, it is a great feeling.”

Tell us what other educators are making a difference in their students’ lives because of their passion and commitment to their jobs as teachers. We’ll feature them in an upcoming #TeacherTuesday.