#TeacherTuesday: Todd Omohundro

It’s lucky for the kids at the Blue Bell Elementary School in the Wissahickon School District that Todd Omohundro’s record deal with RCA Records as a jazz-rock-pop singer/songwriter didn’t pan out! That’s because, this week’s #TeacherTuesday then turned his attention to becoming a teacher, although he still doesn’t feel like one after 25 years of being in the classroom.

He says, “I am a musician and I LOVE kids. Somehow that thrown into a blender works.” This enthusiastic musician adds, “I love that I teach a cornucopia of kids who basically look like the United Nations. I love that I am permitted to do a lot of different music activities with the kids at my elementary school — rock band, drum line, chorus, music theater, and strings — and notes that “you don’t find that as much in private schools.”

Todd’s students inspire him and he adds, “I constantly ask their thoughts on things and oftentimes they lead me.” But he’s definitely the driving force behind his unique elementary school 40-member drum line and rock band.