#TeacherTuesday: Woody Martin

We’re delighted to feature Woody Martin, fourth grade teacher at Willow Dale Elementary School in Centennial School District PA as this week’s #TeacherTuesday.

In addition to being a “creative and caring teacher in the classroom,” he and fellow teacher Alexa Angelitis also direct the school’s drama club and are already planning for this year’s production of Aladdin, which promises to be a huge success.

Says Woody, “I knew I wanted to teach while working in a YMCA aftercare program while attending West Chester University of PA. I was a finance major, but I LOVED my part-time job working with kids after school.”

When did the light really go on?

“I was explaining fractions to a third grader during homework time and her face lit up when she finally understood the concept. I was so excited about her reaction, I changed my major later that week and never looked back,” he adds.

Woody believes, “I am so fortunate to do something I love, and there is no other profession I would choose over teaching!” And his students are fortunate to have a teacher who brings such passion and presence to the classroom.