What is CAPS?

Our Mission 

The Council for the Advancement of Public Schools (CAPS) promotes the value and quality of public education in Bucks and Montgomery counties through advocacy and activities that highlight the positive contributions of public schools in our region. We also encourage ongoing community support for the success of our area public schools.


CAPS was founded in 1995 by public school educators to promote the success of our public schools in Bucks and Montgomery counties. Over time, our goal has expanded to advance the understanding and appreciation for the overall value and quality of public education, its pivotal role in our communities, and to bring new viewpoints on education to the forefront.

What We Believe

We believe public education builds strong communities. We also believe that quality public education is a national promise that educators in our community are dedicated to fulfilling for more than 200,000 students in Bucks and Montgomery counties. Pennsylvania’s program of teacher education and certification is one of the most challenging in the nation. Our educators work tirelessly to:

  • Provide a safe learning environment that is rich and diverse in academic, cultural, creative, athletic, and vocational and technological opportunities.
  • Nurture and cultivate each student’s potential, preparing our children to be the leaders of tomorrow.
  • Lead educational and enrichment programs for students at all levels.

What We Do

Education and Resources

There are many resources about public school education in the Delaware Valley, but the Council for the Advancement of Public Schools (CAPS) is the only one that is solely focused on issues of mutual concern to parents, students, educators, support staff, and the communities of Bucks and Montgomery counties.

CAPS members are on the front lines of our public schools, so we are uniquely positioned to lead discussions and help the community, legislators, and media professionals better understand the public education issues that affect our students, such as:

These issues receive frequent and intense media coverage, but it’s difficult to understand the details behind the headlines. CAPS’ most important consideration in evaluating these issues is the impact they have on our children and society as today’s students become tomorrow’s leaders.


CAPS sponsors and/or supports numerous events in Bucks and Montgomery Counties, all to benefit the students of area public schools. One such event has been the National Spelling Bee. Another high-profile event is the Annual “Touch the Future” Art Show, which features creative works from public high schools in Bucks and Montgomery counties.


Digital advertising and social media highlight the positive impact of public education in our communities. Bucks and Montgomery counties’ best and brightest public school students and programs are spotlighted regularly.

CAPS is also a proud supporter of the Success Starts Here campaign, a multi-year statewide effort to share the positive news about public education through advertising, web, social media, traditional media and word-of-mouth with the goal of raising understanding of the value of public education in Pennsylvania.